Do you need  healing, encouragement, strength or direction for a brighter future and hope for your life?


Healing Belongs to You!

Healing belongs to you because God’s word, which is truth, declares it.  Come with me on a journey to receive your healing, overcome fear and doubt and live in the fullness God has planned .

Let's Chat Healing

There are so many amazing testimonies of healing out there. You should hear them. Wait, you can. Rev. Jo interviews people who have experienced these miracles and puts them here for you to view.

You Might As Well Be Awesome!

Average is as close to the bottom as it is to the top?  So let’s choose to be awesome instead of average?  Come with me on this journey to discover what awesome means for your life.

 Rev. Jo will take the Word of God and teach you what God says about you, how He thinks and what He expects and has provided for you.

You will learn how to receive what God has provided and walk in the fullness of His provision – no matter the obstacles you are facing.

Jesus offers hope for the future, healing, encouragement and freedom from the past!
Rev. Jo will show you how to  find and keep God’s peace in your life, help you find your purpose in life, and teach you how to live a full life, pleasing to God.

“I have learned that God never leaves me nor forsakes me and He is always for my good because Jesus paid it all at the cross for me and you.”

– Rev. Jo Rook

“God’s truth trumps
man’s facts.”

-Rev. Jo Rook


Rev. Jo Rook

Rev. Jo Rook is the Director of Healing and Wellness at Church of the Harvest in Olive Branch, MS. She is an ordained Minister who loves the Lord and ministers divine healing to others. Jo preaches and teaches the Word of God and encourages others in their pursuit of spiritual maturity with a focus on biblical healing.


Rev. Jo Rook presents “Let’s Chat Healing”, interviewing others in “Healing Belongs to You” plus writes “Healing Messages”. She is a teacher, preacher, writer and real estate investor. Jo serves from her heart with a genuine love for people. She encourages others that “You Might As Well Be Awesome”.