Melvin Du and Gracie Mae share the joy of friendship and simple fun in this adventure visiting friends in Florida. Have fun with your child and gently introduce adventure, friendship and prayer in the simple pleasures of life. This cartoon children’s book follows the adventures of an adopted dog (Gracie Mae) and her toy duck (Melvin Du) as they visit friends in Florida with their adopted mom.

From the author:
It does not matter where you are going or what you are doing, there are opportunities to share the love of God with everyone we encounter. Kindness is free and it produces such a great reward when shared with others. And God said whatsoever you do to the least of the brethren; you do unto me (Matthew 25:40). What a wonderful life value to give to the children.

Rev. Jo Rook is the Director of Healing and Wellness at Church of the Harvest in Olive Branch, MS. She is an ordained Minister who loves the Lord and ministers divine healing to others. Jo preaches and teaches the Word of God and encourages others in their pursuit of spiritual maturity with a focus on biblical healing.

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